The Commercials Are Still Live And In Real Time
With the rise in popularity and usage of DVR services, many wonder what impact it will have on television advertising. Many will be surprised to learn that the reach of DVR is not as great as they assumed, and that only a small fraction of our viewing is being done on time delay.

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Eating, laughing, sleeping: Holidays for every basic human need

by Jane Leung

Was Mel Brooks' notion of selling air in his 1987 movie "Spaceballs" all that ridiculous?

Not if you look at some of the vacations on offer around the world today.

While not quite as simple as air in a can, tour agencies and holiday retreats are tapping a trend for back-to-basics R and R, where biology is turned into the central premise of a break.

1. Laughter retreats

laughing holidayFake or real, laughter works.

It's been scientifically proven that a burst of face-aching laughter can lower stress levels, which is why there are workshops dedicated to learning to laugh even when there's nothing funny going on.

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What to Consider When Making Brochures for Churches
Brochures for churches have appeared as an easy way to provide people with all the relevant information and the key points that each holy institution has to offer to its members. Due to the fact that there are so many different churches, it has become harder for people to properly determine where to attend services. Brochures are very effective in helping them decide because they can be read at a later time, in privacy and with attention to all the important details.

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Severe Weather Alerts Across The Nation
Arizona-Arkansas-California-Colorado-Connecticut-Delaware-District Of Columbia-Dummy-Federated States Of Micronesia-Florida-Georgia-Hawaii-Idaho-Illinois-Indiana-Iowa-Kansas-Kentucky-Maine-Maryland-Massachusetts-Minnesota-Missouri-Montana-Nebraska-Nevada-New Hampshire-New Jersey-New Mexico-New York-North Carolina-Oklahoma-Oregon-Palau-Pennsylvania-Rhode Island-South Carolina-Tennessee-Texas-Utah-Virginia-Washington-Wisconsin-Wyoming. For more details...

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Crossed Genres Magazine on Kickstarter
Back in 2008, Geek Dad contributor Bart Leib and his wife (and GeekMom contributor) Kay Holt started up a science-fiction and fantasy magazine called Crossed Genres, which eventually grew into a full small publishing operation dedicated to bringing genre-bending novels to readers everywhere. The business lost money ? as most startups do at first ? which Bart and Kay were willing to absorb until both of them lost their jobs. (Update: Kay found a new job last Wednesday!) They've set up a Kickstarter drive to keep Crossed Genres Publications going, and they need your help.

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Forex Trading: How to Work Less and Make More Money
In the currency market the lazy man approach is the best one; the less you work the more you profit. Reading this article really should help you realize that is in the smart work where profits are made. Do you want to cut your working hours and make serious money at the same time?

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Ditch Your Office Chair for a New ?Standing Desk?
Considering switching to a standing desk? Here are your best options.

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Easy Ways To Get Out Of Debt Yourself
No matter how much debt you have, there is no reason why you cannot get out of debt on your own. You don't always need the help of credit counseling to remove your debts. Sometimes, the best way is to simply buckle down and start repaying that debt.

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Geotargeting Text Message Marketing
As more and more business realize the power of text message marketing, the technology involved in their systems continues to improve, providing more and more innovative ways for businesses to entice their customers into buying from them. One particularly effective use of smart phone technology is the advent of geo-targeting your text messages. Let's take a look at the way one international company is doing this.

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Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet

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